LEAVE REGULAR BANDAGE ON FOR APPROXIMATELY 2 HOURS. Do NOT re-bandage. If your artist has instructed you to use an alternate 24 to 48 hour bandage, such as Tegaderm or Saniderm, follow your artist’s instructions.

Once your bandage is removed:

With clean hands wash with an anti-bacterial soap (such as Dial). Continue to wash your tattoo a few times a day to limit any contact with bacteria. 

Over the next few days if your tattoo is dry, apply a very small amount of ointment, non-scented lotion, or tattoo balm to moisturize your skin up to 3 times a day. If you can wipe any of it off, there is too much product applied to your tattoo. Remember, less is more when applying aftercare products. When your tattoo has formed a new, protective layer of skin and/or begins to peel like a sunburn you can apply lotion as needed.

We carry popular aftercare ointments at the studio for purchase or you may shop your local drugstore and pick up a healing ointment or lotion. Aquaphor or Lubriderm are popular store brands. 

MOST TATTOOS WILL HEAL ON THE SURFACE IN AROUND 2 TO 3 WEEKS, but will take much longer to heal underneath the top layer of skin.

DO NOT: pick, scratch, or soak your tattoo in water until it is completely healed. This includes baths, pools, lakes, hot tubs, etc.

Avoid sleeping directly on a new tattoo. This can cause clothes/sheets to stick to it. If this should happen run warm water over it to ease it off. 

Avoid sun exposure. After your tattoo is healed apply sunblock (30spf or higher) when you are going to be out for an extended period of time will keep your tattoo looking fresh and new.

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