We take walk-ins when we have time available. The dates are normally announced on our social media. You can call the shop to inquire about day to day availability, or keep up with our shop page. Walk-ins are on a first come-first served basis; so the earlier you arrive, the more likely you are to be helped first. If you are wanting to try for a walk in on a day when we dont have a designated artist, you can also fill out a booking request and mention you would like to get in for a walk in and we will contact you if we have any openings. We do not hold any spots over the phone and will require a deposit for all same-day appointments. Lastly, a walk-in tattoo must be something that can be designed and tattooed within a 2 hour time frame. Unfortunately, we do not take cover-ups, re-works, or in progress projects on walk-in day. Our artists will not tattoo fingers, hands, or any areas above the neck on walk in days. Rules are subject to change due to Covid policies. 

Yes, all initial appointments require a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit/booking fee. These deposits are to secure your position in the artists schedule and pre-production time the artist will be committing to your project. 

  • Booked appointments require a deposit of between $100 and $300. Some smaller or walk-in tattoo appointments may require payment in full to hold the time slot with your artist.
  • Any all day bookings or larger, multi-session projects (ie: sleeve/leg work, back pieces, etc.) will require your deposit to retain your future booked appointments. Be prepared to pay for your current session in full until your final session where you can apply your initial deposit towards the remaining balance.
  • Deposits are subject to forfeiture in the following events: 
        -No call, no show
        -Arriving more than 30 minutes late       
        -Less than 72 hour notice of a reschedule 
        -Arriving to the appointment unable to be tattooed (ie: sunburn, intoxicated, etc.)
        -Cancellation of the tattoo entirely at any time
        -Rescheduling more than 2 times
        -Complete design changes
  • In the event a reschedule is necessary, your deposit will be moved with your appointment as long as you provide your artist with ample notice. Deposits are only transferable at artist’s discretion and may be transferred no more than 2 times. 
  • So that we don’t miss any correspondence we only accept cancellations or reschedules through phone or email. Please contact us as soon as possible if you know you cannot attend. 
  • COVID GUIDELINES: If you are feeling unwell or have tested positive for COVID-19 please contact us as soon as possible to reschedule. Please try to give your artist as much notice as possible. Please check out our website for current studio COVID mask policies.
Thank you for understanding our guidelines! We strive to honor as these expectations in return in the event your artist must reschedule your appointment. 402-885-8282.

Cancellations and reschedules are accepted by phone, email, or in person. We cannot accept cancellations or reschedules through artist emails or any form of social media since they may not be checked daily. Call. 402-885-8282 or email info@blacksquirreltattoo.com to notify us if you need to reschedule. Please keep in mind a cancellation at any time, or a reschedule that is less than 72 hours prior to the start of you appointment will result in forfeiture of your deposit. No exceptions.

Questions, Additional reference images, and other information should be sent to the front desk email. From there it will be forwarded to your artist.  info@blacksquirreltattoo.com

If you have the artist’s email you can also reach out to them directly. It may take up to a week for a response if you choose to reach out this way. Please refrain from contacting them via alternative methods like social media, texting, etc. unless they explicitly state that this is preferred. 

We only tattoo persons 18 years of age or older. We require IDs from everyone for every procedure. No minors, no exceptions. Acceptable forms of identification are: a state issued ID card, drivers license, passport, or Military ID.

Pricing is dependent upon many visual factors. Subject matter, size, location, and color scheme are all accounted for in our pricing.  All tattoos are priced by your artist after a consultation or request review. Cash is accepted, as well as our gift cards. We do have an ATM on site for your convenience!  

It is difficult to determine what you may want from a quick phone call or email due to the fact that there are many variables when it comes to price including size, detail, placement, etc. We strive to give our clients the best results and believe that is achieved with good communication. Please stop by or send in a booking request.

Remember, when you pay for a tattoo, you will get what you pay for. If you can’t pay for it right now, save for it. It will be worth it since you will be wearing it for life.

We offer compact vehicle parking at the front of the shop. If you have a larger vehicle we ask that you park either in the lot across the street or use street parking. Rear building parking is only allowed on weekends.

Unfortunately we do not offer body piercing.

These are parts of the body that many of our artists prefer not to tattoo due to concerns on how well a tattoo will hold up over time. The longevity of tattoos in these spots are not guaranteed or the artist may not be comfortable. We generally do not tattoo the body parts below:

  • Sides and undersides of fingers/ring fingers
  • Inside of lips/mouth
  • Palms/sides of hands
  • Soles/sides of feet
  • Ears
  • Some facial tattoos
  • Genital areas

If you have questions about these areas, please talk to your artist. 

None of our artists will tattoo someone who is pregnant or nursing. If you have questions discuss this with your artist prior to your appointment.

Yes! Unfortunately we have some new rules in place so please follow our new guidelines as we outlined in our social media. Some important changes include:

  • No guests allowed in the tattoo spaces at this time. One guest per client allowed. We have comfortable lobby seating 
  • Masks are available for client and artists upon client request
  • Please sanitize hands upon arrival to your appointment
  • We can accept deposits through PayPal if necessary, however, tattoo balances are due in cash
  • In order to receive a tattoo appointment you must fill out an online booking form; or stop in to inquire
  • Guidelines are subject to change

With each individual artist having their own very unique creative process we prefer not to show custom drawings in advance; and here’s why:

  • We take each individual request as it comes in. Each artist will take a first-comefirst-serve approach to drawing. This means there might be several client drawings ahead of yours so please be patient!
  •  Inconsistent, redesigning requests end up taking design time away from artists personal time off since they set aside specific drawing time for your appointment. That being said, if your mind changes on any aspect of the design after approval and/or a consultation you must let your artist know with plenty of notice.
  • TRUST is very important in our line of work. You choose to work with a specific artist because you appreciate their talent & unique style. If artists designed solely on clients specifications that would take away from the artistic license we require to create individualized designs. Minor changes and suggestions are always welcomed after we present the design because they can be adjusted on the spot.
  • If you do end up requiring a complete redesign, your appointment will need to be rescheduled, resulting in a portion of your deposit being cashed out to compensate the artist for the time spent not tattooing you that day. Clear and concise communication with your artist on the front end should neutralize any possible issues throughout the process!

Sorry, but we have a strict NO children rule in the shop. We love kids, but we prefer that you find sitter for the time we will be spending  together. We would rather focus on you and perfecting your tattoo!

Our staff will supply you with written or an email copy of our aftercare when you are finished with your procedure. Our professionals have many years of experience so we recommend you follow their guidelines closely. If you choose to follow advice from others, we cannot guarantee your best results.

Although there are no specific rules on how much you should give your tattoo artist, it’s really based more on heartfelt gratuity. We charge what we think is a fair price for our work, and are extremely grateful when clients are moved to express appreciation through tips or other gifts!

Question not answered here?  Please feel free to contact us!