Booking Requests- Everything you need to know!

Since May of 2020 we have been operating as an appointment only studio. We are doing our best to keep all of our clients and staff safe during the pandemic. All tattoo requests must be submitted through out booking request form. To access the booking form, please visit one of our artist pages. Please be as thorough as you can while filling this out. We will usually reply via email the day we receive each booking request. (sometimes our email responses are flagged as spam in client inboxes so please check your folders.) It can take up to 14 days for us to contact each person to actually book the tattoo. However, if you are inquiring about same day appointments or soonest availability please specify that in the request form. We appreciate everyone’s continued support and patience. We cannot guarantee that we can accommodate all requests, but we always do our best to try. For any questions on artist availability or our booking process feel free to email us at